The Reasons behind Women's Sexual Dissatisfaction: Fatigue or Decline of Libido?

Many sexual dysfunctions that male persons suffer, such as poor sexual drive (decline of libido), problems with erection, ejaculation and the like have obtained an efficient solution for treating them during several recent years. But it should be remembered that a lot of women have long been suffering from the same libido problem with sexual life and performance - that is the established fact, though it is still quite unknown to many people. Notwithstanding the conditions of women being much more potentially capable to develop sexual satisfaction and interest in comparison with male persons, the females are also prone to develop sexual dysfunction of this or that nature. This fact has been confirmed by several surveys and studies conducted by well-reputed medical professionals in the field of sexual therapy. It should be acknowledged that in case the woman's sexual dysfunctions and dissatisfaction continue for a significantly long period of time they are capable, step by step, to engulf her entire sexual life and can adversely influence her relationship with the male partner, bringing it to termination in the long run. What is even more important, the factors behind the decline of a woman's sexuality and love-making satisfaction are of immediate nature and should be taken care of without delay, which means the unraveling of such aggravating reasons should be considered with special care.

The adverse effect on the conditions of women's libido very often is caused by certain physical changes and conditions, for example, pregnancy. The reason for that is the fact that certain hormonal changes take place during pregnancy, and these changes lead to acquiring a new temporary outlook on sex because of alterations in physical and emotional conditions of a lady. These alterations include, for example, a popular notion among ladies that having sex while being pregnant might be harmful to the baby's health. Another issue is that a growing pregnant belly does not contribute to the comfort of a romantic love-making. Another common case is development of vaginal dryness because the ovaries of a woman somehow quit secreting the estrogen hormone, which is essential for vaginal lubrication, and the result is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful sexual intercourse, though this problem is more characteristic for older women that have reached their menopausal period but it is not limited to them. On the other hand, the hormonal change that results from low level of the estrogen hormone badly influences the sexual urge of a woman, she shows much less interest and vigor towards a potential love-making intercourse. Another point of significant importance is the overall state of physical condition of a lady. Some slight illness or indisposition could devoid her from the slightest interest in sex. For example a conventional headache or cold can kill her sexual appetite for good. There are more serious illnesses, such as arthritis, diabetes, and kidney diseases that seriously aggravate the hormonal balance, mobility, and vaginal lubrication of a female person and, in the long run, result in total indifference towards having a sexual intercourse.

The female sexual urge (the libido) can be greatly affected by the emotional conditions of a person. Under conditions of the unstable emotional state the sexual urge, as a rule, significantly suffers. Such symptoms as anxiety and stress are most commonly met examples of such adverse emotional states that lead to extinguished interest in sexual life because of a very low libido. Such modern concerns as career, home responsibilities and social life tend to drive out from the emotional sphere of a woman any notion of an interest in sexual activity, besides they act as exhaustive factors by consuming the lion's share of a woman's time and energy. Then the idea of having a love-making intercourse drops down to the very bottom of the priorities hierarchy. The sex drive of most women tremendously suffers from such behavioral problems as depression and low self-esteem. If a woman comes to consider herself as a partner that is not worthwhile any sexual attention, or, even worse, totally lacking any sexual appeal, then step by step this person comes to the state of total indifference in having healthy and satisfying sexual life. On the one hand, such states of mind can be caused by menstruation or mood swings and therefore are short-term and sooner of later disappear without a trace. On the other hand, if they are a result of some kind of traumatic experience, for instance, sexual abuse or forced sexual intercourse or even a rape, they can become a serious obstacle in the way of performing sex with desire and pleasure. In absence of adequate, timely and professional therapy such states can force a person to view sex as something horrifying, something that should be avoided at all cost. Of course it is not a sexual dysfunction, it is purely a psychological problem; but anyway, such state of emotions negatively influences the sexual performance and sexual urge of a female person.

The quality of the relationship between the partners of a sexual couple is another factor that makes the most obvious impact on the current conditions of the woman's sexual urge and activity. As the true-life experience shows, the libido of a woman can be enormously improved and inflamed by tender and trusting relationships inside the couple. Accordingly, when the couple gets to be more and more frustrated with each other, in general and especially in sexual performance that obviously greatly impairs the sexual drive and activity of the couple, the partners lose interests in having sex more and more with the passage of time. In this case it is of paramount importance to realize that side by side with the sexual issues some other problems of no less size do exist. The unrecognized and unresolved problematic issues will continue to make the sexual lives of the couple suffer in the long run if the problems remain not recognized by both partners.

Commonly the first obvious response of a woman that is suffering from the decline of sexual urge is to place the blame on her own self, to think of herself as of an unappealing and poorly functional sexual partner; as a result a person becomes to suffer from the feeling of guilt in addition to a declined libido. The first natural advice in such a situation would be to seek a professional advice from a sexual therapist or counselor. That will help to locate and identify possible underlying reasons of the distress, among which most common are a vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance, and psychological problem. An experienced sexual therapist is specifically trained to identify and address sexual problems by offering some efficient responsiveness strategies to the couple; it has proved to be a potent remedy to battle the problem with low sexual urge and lack of interest in having sex.

Another good advice for a woman suffering from low libido, which is to be followed in combination with seeking professional help, of course, would be to change her lifestyle and develop a new look at and perception of her own self. A regular physical exercise is an essential component of a healthy and renewed life style. Regular fitness exercises will let a person to kill two birds with one stone: to make the body healthier and improve the blood circulation through her vagina, which is essential for increased libido. A lot can be improved by maintaining sincere and trusting relationship inside the couple. Feel free to let yourself to enjoy the partner's caresses and to make it show; do not be shy to open up every bit of sexual frustration that leaves you dissatisfied.

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In the end a fulfilled, intimate, and enjoyable sexual intercourse both for herself and her partner is the responsibility of every woman to be acknowledged and addressed in efficient way, the sooner the better. In this way the number of women with low libido can be decreased considerably. Why should you not make a gift of a happy sexual life to yourself and your partner?