Is It Possible to Get a More Impressive Manhood in a Simple, Safe and Affordable Way? Read On and Learn About Natural Penis Enhancement Exercises!

The topic of penile enhancement is one of the hottest on the Internet. It is quite understandable - a more impressive manhood implies a lot of additional bonuses to its happy owner: much improved self-confidence and better satisfaction of the female partners in bed because of extra size, harder and more staying erections! But what if you were not so lucky to be gifted by Mother Nature with a penis that is really "well-hung"? For lots of male persons having penis of small or even average size becomes a source of constant distress and catastrophically low level of self esteem.

But do you know that you do not have to suffer from small penis problem any longer? Since now you are offered a method to enlarge you penis in a perfectly safe, affordable and efficient way. You can add as many as three inches to its length without a problem. Just learn how to practice these wonderful penile enhancement techniques in the correct way. You do not need to take any pills or spend funds on special devices (like penis pumps and traction extenders), or undergo the risky and very costly penile correction surgery.

All you need to practice penile enhancement exercises is your own hands, a comfortable privacy of your own home and determination. Yes, that is true; to get noticeable results you will need to exercise patience, self-discipline and diligence. Penile enhancement exercises should be practiced on regular bases for considerable period of time. But the final result of getting a really impressive manhood is well-worth several months of labor! Enjoy better sexual life with a bigger penis! If you want to know, told blackwolf about the increase in libido and testosterone, read here Blackwolf.

In this short article we would like to introduce several most efficient penile enhancement techniques to you. All penile enhancement exercises are based on the same principle and that is what all of them have in common. This is the principle of increased blood circulation in the erectile chambers of your penis and application of stretching force. These two factors, if applied constantly and correctly, will stimulate the tissues of the penis shaft to grow, resulting in considerable gain of your penis length!

The first technique we are going to tell you about is called a Wake Up Cloth. This is a very good way for beginners to get introduced to the principle of penile enhancement exercises. The technique is practiced as follows. In the first place, prepare a piece of cloth (something like a towel of middle size will do perfectly well). The second thing you need is a supply of warm water nearby. Put the cloth into the water and let it soak properly. The water should be very warm, but not excessively so, not scorching of course. Put the warm soaked cloth around your penis and testicles and wrap it tightly, applying some pressure but not too much. For some beginners it might feel exotic and faintly weird, but with gaining practice you will easily get used to this procedure. Keep the cloth in place for about one or two minutes. After that soak it in warm water again and repeat the whole procedure. Four-five cycles will suffice. This techniques is a very good warming up exercise to begin your training session. After it you can move on to other stages of penile enhancement, perfectly prepared and warmed-up.

The so called Schlong Milking is another very popular and well-proved method of penis enlargement.

Before starting this technique you should lubricate the shaft of semi-erected penis with some oil or lotion (baby-oil will do very well). After lubricating the shaft, grasp it with your hand as close to the basis of the shaft as possible and, applying some gentle pressure, move the hand in the direction of the penis head as if actually milking your penis. The pressure should not be excessive; you should not feel any pain or discomfort. If you do, decrease the pressure to the level of comfort. Remember, you should pull at the shaft of your penis, not at the skin, it is important. If the motion is done correctly, you should experience pleasant sensation of stretching at the penis base.

One stroke should take you ten-fifteen seconds. After you have finished it, start the next stroke using the order hand. For beginners it will suffice to make four-five cycles of strokes with each hand. With more experience gained the number of cycles can be increased. In the end of the milking session you should feel pleasant inflow of extra blood to the erectile chambers of the penis.

The Jelqing techniques of penile enlargement

The Jelqing technique is a very ancient and well proven penis enlargement exercise practiced in some local cultures of Middle Asia.

The penis should be in semi-erected position. Smear it well with baby-oil or some other kind of lubricant. After that place you thumb and index finger in a shape of a ring around the base of the penis shaft (it looks exactly as "OK" sign). Apply some pressure, carefully watching out for any possible symptoms of discomfort, and start moving the ring of fingers in the direction of the penis head, constantly applying the pressure. The constant pressure of the finger-ring will force the blood inflow additionally into the erectile chambers, stimulating their growth in the long run.

When the stroke is finished, repeat it with the other hand. Maximum number of cycles for experienced practitioners is 200. For beginners ten-twenty cycles will do perfectly to start with.

Penile base gripping method for penis enhancement

The third technique of penile enhancement that we are going to introduce is the method of penis base gripping.

As usual, the penis should be in semi-erected state (50% would be perfect). Make an "OK" sign out of your index finger and thumb, and place the ring of fingers around the penis shaft base, as far to the base as possible. Grasp the base, applying some pressure, but not beyond the limits of comfort, and hold the grasp for ten second. Then let it go and have a ten-second rest. Upon that repeat the procedure, interchanging ten-second cycles of pressure with ten-second intervals of relaxation. After ten-twenty repetitions you should feel wonderful inflow of extra blood in the erectile chambers of your manhood.

This technique stimulates the growth of penile chamber tissues by stretching them forth with extra blood inflow. At the same time it is reported to be an excellent way of penis maintenance, helping to achieve harder and longer staying erections.

Flexing Your PC Muscle is Another Efficient Technique for Penile Enlargement

This technique is practiced in the following way:

Be seated comfortably and try keeping you back perfectly vertical and straight. Get your penis into semi-erect position (50% erection would do quite well). Now the most important part of the exercise is to contract you PC muscle as much as possible. Your penis will experience a kind of jerking movement in the upward direction. The distance of this jump is not important, what your should do is try to keep it at the top position for three-five seconds, then release it, relax and have four-six seconds of rest. This is the basic technique. Since you are a beginner, try to repeat 10 cycles in a row. Practice this technique daily or on each second day, gradually increasing the number of repetitions. This technique is very good for improving the quality of your erections.

While practicing natural penis enhancement exercises you should be careful not to be too zealous in order not to cause some damage to your reproductive system. If the penis enhancement exercises get painful, you should stop doing them for some time and consult you physician immediately!