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It is not good news, but it is true that many guys around - may be, including you, too - are not quite happy with the size of their penises, to say the least. For many male individuals, wishing to enjoy active sexual life, the problem of an undersized penis has become a constant reason for frustrations, embarrassments and even humiliation. Guys with tiny penises - and such people do happen to live in your neighborhood - have a tendency to be too shy to demonstrate their manhood in the company of other adult males, for instance, in locker rooms of swimming pools or fitness centers, on in saunas. The fear of being laughed at makes them avoid sexual contacts with the softer sex, which is not the natural way to conduct healthy sexual life. So, it is no wonder the majority of them are always in pursuit of the reliable and affordable methods to increase the penis size permanently.

Probably, they are not right and the performance in bed does not depend on the penis size at all, so any guy with a tiny penis just needs to be tender, considerate and very skilled lover - so any woman would be quite satisfied with his performance, notwithstanding that his erected manhood tends to be well below the average limit of six inches? Nobody is going to argue the importance of above-mentioned personal qualities. Love-making skills would always come handy in a romantic situation. Still, the ladies would always prefer a guy with an impressive and rock-hard manhood, even if this guy is not so well-versed in Kama Sutra. Even the simplest to-and-fro motion of a rock-hard, long-standing and impressively-sized (both in length and girth) manhood shaft guarantees 100% satisfaction of practically 100% of love-making female persons around.

On the other hand, a lot of guys, wishing to get a permanent increase of their penis size, have been endowed with perfectly normal, though averagely sized penises. Actually, they do not need any permanent increase of penis size to be satisfied in bed and to satisfy their partners to the utmost. Still, for some reasons those guys do whish to get permanent increase of their penis size, they become active users of various methods of penis enlargement that can be found on the Web in abundance!

Well, as you can see, the male population that seeks increase of penis size should be divided according to the two of their main motivations: one motivation is purely cosmetic one and the second is quite practical, since permanent increase of penis size will help those guys to overcome possibly serious personal problems, related to their sexual performance and self-confidence. By obtaining a bigger and thicker penis the guys could literally become renewed personalities, much happier and more confident in their manhood qualities. So be it, whatever their reasons, but the situation looks the following way - a considerable number of guys wants to get their penises permanently larger, thicker and with better erections: rock-hard and long-staying, to meet the challenges of satisfying the most demanding representatives за softer sex in bed!

So, we have come to conclusion that if a guy really likes a bigger penis to be able to perform more impressively in the bedroom, he is quite in position to achieve his objective, since lots of penis enlargement methods are attractively advertised all over the Web, including e-mail advertisement as well as more traditional ads on TV and in press. Yes, nowadays the results are guaranteed and there are naturally ways - safe and affordable - to increase the size of your penis permanently. Still, it should be realized that only a wise and balanced choice of your penis enlargement strategy can bring positive results in the long run. The correctness of the chosen strategy means that your hard-earned money and the time you spend on the penis enlargement will get you to your destination - a permanently bigger, thicker and harder penis. Otherwise all that you have achieved will be sending the funds and efforts down the drain. What a shame and waste that would be!

For many people who are complete novices to this sector of industry the really efficient, safe and affordable techniques of how to get a monster penis may really seam a kind of mystery. For instance, many of them, being too much indoctrinated by the aggressive advertisement and marketing of many shady companies do not even realize that permanent penis enlargement has absolutely nothing to do with such devices as a penis pump! Still, you need to do just minimal web-search into the principles of vacuum pump working and you will easily and clearly realize that a penis pump actually has nothing to do with penis enlargement. If you try too hard to get an extra inch from your penis with the help of a vacuum pump you can turn out to be in a situation of a permanent tissue damage of your penis, which is a serious health disorder. It can lead to development of so called scar tissue and results in permanent disfigurement of your penis - when an erected penis looks downward or sideward and becomes shorter by a third!

You should realize, once and for all, that a male's penis is an extremely delicate part of your anatomy and should be treated with the utmost care and respect. Before starting experimenting do some serious research into the subject and make a grounded, knowledgeable choice.

Another instance of penis enlargement method that is falsely advertised as such is an herbal sexual enhancement pill. The pill can do nothing more than boost your sexual stamina and drive, as well as improve blood circulation in the erectile cavities of your penis shaft. In this way the pill is a good remedy for erectile problems and low appetite for sex. It would be useless as a method of penis enlargement. Thousands of the most tested and proven enhancement pills will never give you any temporary boost to your member's size. Still, since they are good against cases of low libido and poor erection they can make an excellent supplement to the only safe and permanent way of getting a monster penis - natural penis extension exercises!

The natural penis extension exercises are safe and affordable; you do not have to spend a cent on practicing such a system. You do not have to purchase any special devices, like pumps and extenders. You can practice at any place and time of your choice, at your convenience. If you do not happen to have a possibility to visit a training seminar, you should purchase or download a training video program. That would be highly advisable - as a newbie to the natural exercises practitioners' community you need to learn the right ways and techniques. The rest depends on your crafty hands, your determination and self discipline. The positive results should become to be noticeable after several weeks of regular practice!