Relationship Status: Dating, Courtship, and Dating Again

In the natural sequence of the world, dating would result to courtship and courtship on the other hand will eventually lead to marriage. This is the ideal set up. The problem is, what happens in this twenty first century generation is for people to go dating, then courtship, and go back to dating again. Marriage is like a thing of the past. Usually, if one does not get pregnant, there will be no marriage.

So what is the problem that causes this? There could be a lot of factors. One reason is that one is not sure with the other. This is why this article will attempt to help people be sure with whom to marry.

Dating Stage

A person of any age can date anyone. This stage can go from a fun date to a more serious one. Dating can be held in groups which are more commonly called as a group date or just the two of them.

To have a straight line journey towards marriage, one must date as many dates as possible. This may sound crazy but that is the best thing to do. This is where you have to collect and collect suitors for girls and potential girlfriends for boys. It is by dating as much as you can that you will see where you will be happier, more contented or in general, feel better.

Courtship Stage

As you progress along the stage of dating, you would want to eliminate those whom you think are at the average level and of course, those whom you do not like. Forget them but when you do, be polite to them. Explain them that it may not work out and that they will do well with others. Yes it is offensive but it is better sooner than later.

The courtship stage is somehow an extension of the dating stage. Put in mind however that the courting stage is of a more serious matter. This is where you will have to commit if you must. If you feel that you cannot commit, you do not advance to this stage.

Make sure that you have done well in the dating stage so you will be able to do better in the courting stage. Unlike dating, the courting must be done with only one person for the boys. Girls can accept a few suitors to court her but she must turn down those she does not want as soon as possible.

Failure and Success

If boys fail in their attempt to court a girl, they must not worry. This is why this article is entitled dating, courtship and dating again. However, if they did their homework as early as the dating stage, then it is most likely that the boy will succeed since it can be assumed that there is already a good chemistry from dating stage all the way to courtship.

As you can see, it will all start in the dating stage, going to the stage of courtship and all the way to marriage. Now, if you still don't know what to do before marriage, like you are still unsure of who to marry, then you should see a psychiatrist. Something might be wrong with your mind.